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Number One - Club President Nell - Long Island, NY - Born August 5th, 88 - Website
I've seen a total of four Lips shows, which ranged from amazing to more amazing. My favorite album is The Soft Bulletin.

Number Two - Steve #3 - Maryland - Born February 22nd, 79 - Website
I've seen the Lips live only once, but I plan on fixing that the first chance I get... oh yeah, The Drozd kissed me, and I have pictures to prove it.

Number Three - Gena - Phoenix, AZ - Born November 13th
Hello! My name is Gena, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have been blessed, because, somehow, I have managed to see a band I have loved for so long only twice. Why is this reason to feel blessed? Because they have never come to Arizona, and that is where I live. They came here with Beck, and I had the honor of meeting Wayne, who is simply incredible. After that, I could not handle the fact that after waiting so long and finally they came to Arizona that one time, that I just wasn't going to wait around anymore. I would travel to a different state, if I had to (and I certainly did). On May 31st, 2003, my brother and I travelled to Denver, CO with our purchased Flaming Lips tickets in hand, prepared for everything and anything that is a Lips show. Easily the most inspirational moment in ones life. The moment where music, life, and love all mixes together, and you are apart of it all. The show was worth more than words could say, Wayne half-remembered us, and we gave him special super X-Ray Gogs as a gift. I met Michael at the Denver show as well, and he is simply the most wonderful and kind person. Don't be shocked by this because he is quiet, because he is. Steven Drozd, who is a musical genius, is the only Lips member I have not once met yet. I admire his ability to love music and do everything and play everything that he does. And, here I am!

Number Four - Chris - Arizona - Born July 22nd, 87 - Website
I like good music such as; The Shins, Rilo Kiley, The Flaming Lips, Tenacious D, Liam Lynch, Sifl & Olly, The Good Life, Beck, French Kicks, Adam Green, The Moldy Peaches, Bright Eyes, and many many more. I was borin in Colorado and was raised from age 6 to now in Arizona. I have seen the Lips live, once with Beck. The Other time was in Colorado, I traveled there just for them. I met Wayne both times, I also met Michael. I want to meet Steven, but haven't been able to.I have no musical talent, at the moment, but I do make movies. (NOTE FROM CLUB PRESIDENT: Chris and Gena (Number Three) are brother and sister! Isn't that awesome?)

Number Five - Jackie Futon - Cinti, OH - Born October 13th, 81
I like to take showers (with teletubbies). Live lips are the best lips, but any lips are nice. Keep on rockin in the enslaved world. Now that he has a website, i guess drozd is no longer an unsung hero. How's it feel to be sung, steven?

Number Six - Natalie - Salt Lake City - Born September 9th, 86
All my daydreams are disasters.

Number Seven - Phil - Glenview, IL - Born July 11th, 83 - Website
I've met Steven Drozd in real life, and he's a physically repulsive man. However, his music is top notch. God speed!

Number Eight - IDon'tUseJelly - Texas - Born February 4th, 85
Well my life changing experience with the Flaming Lips occured when I saw them live at Stubb's in Austin Texas on June 12th (I think). My favorite album would have to be the Soft Bulletin although I have not yet heard Clouds taste metallic and I can't find it at any of the Record Shops in town (bastards!). I like starry nights, long walks on the beach, barry white...Wait this isn't that kind of site (but I do like Barry White R.I.P. !!!) The Flaming Lips are beyond compare!

Number Nine - Gus Stathes - Dayton, OH - Born February 19, 85
Well then, hello there! My name is Gus, and I'm from Dayton Ohio. I play drums (like good ol' Steven) in my band, Are Sailing. I've seen the Lips twice and loved them both with all my heart. I think i'm done typing my paragraph now.

Number Ten - Candicide - Knoxville - Born November 16, 76 - Website
I've been a fan of The Flaming Lips for almost ten years, and I've seen them in concert every time they've come near the Atlanta area since 1995. I've been fortunate enough to meet Wayne five times, and I've finally gotten the opportunity to meet Steven and Michael on the first leg of the "Yoshimi..." tour in November 2002...when I also got to dance on stage in the blue furry monster costume. I also own a LiveJournal.com community dedicated to The Lips. Werd.

Number Eleven - Steve Caputo - Massachusetts - Born January 8th, 83 - Website
Oh, hello. I'm new to the world of the Lips, and therefore, Drozd. However, these sort of things can have a quick grasp on you. I've not yet seen the Lips in concert, and therefore have not yet had confetti thrown at me by Drozd in a bunny suit. I actually missed them last weekend in my neck of the woods. Bad set of circumstances ruined that one. I enjoy rocking hard. My favorite Lips album is the Soft Bulletin. I feel honored to share my first name with such a rock genius.

Number Twelve - Kevin Konikowski - Rochester, NY - Born March 14th, 85
I can't decide which album is my favorite! I now declare it impossible. :) I love the Steve Burns CD, and the sticker on it that said Featuring Steven Drozd of The Flaming lips! :-D

Number Thirteen - Dan Weaver - USA - Born November 24th, 84
I am an obsessive music fan. I have seen the Flaming Lips 3 times in the past year. I am also a huge Sigur Ros, Bjork, Mum, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Hawksley Worman, and Stereolab fan. If you have never seen GYBE or Sigur Ros in concert you need to rectify that situation immediately. Favorite Flaming Lips album: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Second: Hit to Death in the Future Head. And yes, Steven Drozd deffinately ROCKS!

Number Fourteen - Roxie - California - Born May 26th, 87 - Website
My name is Roxie. Yep. I'm 16 and I'm from the Bay Area. I love Steve Burns and I think that Drozd is an AMAZING drummer and just an all around terrific musician. The boy's got skiiiills!

Number Fifteen - Michael Curtis - Oklahoma - Born May 14th, 84
Steven Drozd and the Flaming Lips rock!!! I've been a lips fan for a couple of years, and got to see them live in OKC a couple of months ago. It's kinda cool for them to come from OK, because not many good bands come from here, and it makes me proud for them to announce that they come from Oklahoma at like every show. Thanks for all the hard work Steven!!!!

Number Sixteen - Bokchoy Franklin - L.A. - Born March 20th, 68
i luuuuuuuvvv, steven drozd. he loves it when you call him steve. the paris gun will dominate the world soon.

Number Seventeen - Lacey - Pasco, WA - Born August 22nd, 84 - Website
I'm Lacey, 19 full time college student and music fanatic. I love indie rock, and a lot of cool bands like the Flaming Lips. Nell is super awesome!!

Number Eighteen - Denise - Whittier, CA - Born May 10th, 85
Hello All! i'm Denise. I've been a Lips fan for some time now and a Steven fan. I've been a Nell fan for some time now also! I don't why i didn't join sooner. Maybe out of pure laziness? hmmm, who knows! Anyway, Great site Nell! Steven is such a good guy, and such an amazing musician. What a peach! WHAT A PEACH!

Number Nineteen - Ana Droid - Wank City Canada - Born December 2nd, 85 - Website
I like too many things to list. I like lists.

Number Twenty - Steven - Tennessee - Born June 1st - Website
I have been a Lips fan since 1994. I finally got to see them live a month ago. The wait was worth it. I got to be right in front of the Lips honestly less than 3 feet away.....I never stopped smiling. Then I got to talk to each of them after the show. Anyway they are my all around favorite band. And Steven Drozd fucking rocks and is simply amazing.

Number Twenty-One - Paul - U.K. - Born January 27th, 59
Hi Nelli, took you up on your kind offer, this looks interesting. I'm 44 yr old massive music fan and devotee of all things Lips, saw them in Bristol for the first time in January, subsequently, raced to Amsterdam in March (smitten) seeing them soon in Bournemouth (dragging along 12 Lips virgins) and again in November in London. Fave album Soft Bulletin. I like certain Art, pot, and my freinds but above all my wife & kids, my 8 yr old is coming to see Lips in Bournemouth. See ya keep up the good work!

Number Twenty-Two - Joel Dalton - Toronto - Born July 30th, 81
I play in Utopia Complex, a band. One time me and my friend jimmy met Steven Drozd and talked to him about cool stuff like the bass part in Sympathy 3000-21.

Number Twenty-Three - Claire - England - Born November 26th, 88
I've been a fan of the Drozd and the Lips for about a year. I first saw the Lips in October of 2003. Some guy, who looked suspiciously like David Cross, blocked my view for a while so all I could see was Steven, not that I'm complaining.

Number Twenty-Four - Matt - Nashville, TN - Born February 7th, 83
I was turned on to the Flaming Lips, I suppose, about 8 years ago. Since then, I can honestly say that there music has shaped my outlook upon life and art in a positive way. Their music inspires me to live life upon every single listen. I'm a guitar player/songwriter who loves friends, music, rock climbing, and laughing (among many other things).

Number Twenty-Five - Chris Gamble - Plymouth, UK - Born April 22nd, 85
Only seen the Lips the once. I was gutted when I was unable to see them in the UK in January, but luckily I got to see them in October when they toured again. I met Wayne, Steven, and Kliph (not Michael unfortunately), who were all super nice. I love all the Lips albums, but The Soft Bulletin is my favourite. And Steven is so under-rated, he is such a great drummer (as well as guitarist, keyboardist [is that a word?], etc). He has brought so much to the Lips.

Number Twenty-Six - Liam Coupland - Newcastle - Born August 22nd, 85
Fave. Bands-F'Lips, Queen Adreena, Hundred Reasons, Fear Factory. Haven't seen flips live unfortunately, was going at N'Castle city hall but being a student food comes first. All of the albums are good, hard to distinguish a best.

Number Twenty-Seven - Maluca3 - WV - Born March 20th, 68
Hi there! Yes indeedy, I love the Flaming Lips, and am frequently accused by friends and family of seeking converts. My new strategy involves Songs for Dustmites (how can they say "no" to Steve Burns?) and saying, now, isn't that wonderful? You know, Steven Drozd is also part of the Flaming Lips, here, check them out!

Number Twenty-Eight - Sydne - Germany - Born November 5th, 82 - Website
Woaaah, what am I doing here....well, I just think I adore Steven so much that I thought this would be the right thing to do; joining this club :D He was the first member of the Flaming Lips I met (March`03); when I was young and innocent and completely unaware how fantastic those folks are! Especially Steven of course :-) And of course I think he is a fantastic musician; I especially love him playing the piano, or the keyboard with piano sound; whatever ;-) What my favorite things are? Chocolate and the Flaming Lips *lol*; joke ;-) I love listening to music (guess which group ;-) ), and sometimes when I am in the right mood, doing it myself. Furthermore, I like reading books; especially crime novels ;-) And then I am so damn lazy and love to sleep a lot...aint that the same Steven loves either?? (The second one) Anyway; talked too much and too loud... CU!

Number Twenty-Nine - Richard - Edmonton, Canada - Born July 29th, 80
Im a drummer and music is my niche. Im not in a band right now but I play everyday and will eventually be in a collective when I find the right counterparts. Ive been playing for over 10 years but when I discovered the flaming lips and stevens drumming, my life changed.My drumming and the whole approach to drums changed. A light went off in my head. He is by far the most incredible drummer today. A constant inspiration. I saw the lips twice in 2003 when I was in england. I was fortunate enough to meet the band and have a chat with steven to tell him the truth about his playing.

Number Thirty - Steven Googin - Fredonia, NY - Born January 3rd, 84 - Website
I've never seen the Lips...but I did go to one awesome karaoke party.

Number Thirty-One - Mike - Philadelphia - Born April 4th, 69
Enjoy having a few beers with Steven whenever we are both in town simultaneously.

Number Thirty-Two - Jason Hradil - Atlanta GA - Born June 16th, 72
I'm a Flaming Lips enthusiast who enjoys listening to The Flaming Lips and talking about The Flaming Lips. I have about 60 Flaming Lips discs- pretty much everything they've ever done. "Clouds Taste Metallic" is my favorite and "Bad Days" is my fave song of all time. I've seen and met them many times/ they are the nicest band in the universe. On the tour when Beck was closing for the Lips, Steven stole my velcro shoes and wore them on David Letterman. I called my mom and said, "turn on channel 6- my shoes are on TV!!!!!"

Number Thirty-Three - Daniel Zoss - Czech Republic - Born June 5th, 73
Used to work at a vinyl shop in the early 90s and discovered the Lips in there somewhat early days. It wasn’t until I moved to the Czech Republic that I got to finally see them live. Do you realize that Steven comes from Czech ancestry? His last name translates to a type of bird, “Drodz”. Apparently in English it means “thrush”, which is more like a family of birds – the nightingale being one. When asked if I have a favorite band I say “no”, but when forced to choose, I often say “The Flaming Lips”. And as far as favorite drummers go, Steven always makes the cut. When I last saw them in Prague, Steven hung out with a few of us after the show. We mostly talked about the Czech Republic – he’s a modest guy, full of life and interest in things other than just music and it was nice to see. So, that’s not much about me, but more about my connection to Steven. You’ll learn more about me later if you’re interested.

Number Thirty-Four - Eric - New York - Born January 1st, 71 - Website
Steven is a dreamboat, ya'll!! I'm the piano player in the band Home, and my favorite things are Steven Steven and Steven!!

Number Thirty-Five - Nicole - Australia - Born April 12th, 88
Hey. I Love Music, Movies, Books and playing the bass guitar, but im not very good yet.

Number Thirty-Six - Allen Palmer - North Carolina - Born February 6th, 87
Well, I have been a Lips fan for far too long to have never seen them live. Steve Drozd is my spiritual mentor and guide. Hopefully next time they come around here, it won't coincide with a court date again. My favorite other bands are Radiohead.Radiohead.Radiohead. and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bright Eyes, Franz Ferdinand, Air, and many more that I am way too lazy to type. In fact I'm going to end this right here.

Number Thirty-Seven - Taylor - Massachusetts - Born March 24th, 88 - Website
Hey hey. I'm 16 years old, I'm not sure which album is my favorite between Soft Bulletin/Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots/Clouds Taste Metallic. Steven's work on each is fantastic, though. I would've seen the Lips lif if Lollapalooza hadn't been cancelled over the summer...Other than that I have to wait 'til their next tour.

Number Thirty-Eight - Rick Gershon - Rather Near L.A.
Hi, hello, etc. the Lips are near and dear to my heart. Drozd? Genius, in my opinion. you are doing God's work here. good luck & love, RG

Number Thirty-Nine - Matt Watt - Norman, OK - Born November 1st, 73

Number Forty - Scott - Toronto - Born July 12th, 82 - Website
The brilliant Joel Dalton first thrust the joy of Drozd upon me. I had read snippets proclaiming the Lips' brilliance in various publications claiming reputability, but it was certainly Joel's vigerous enthusiasm that caused my details auditory research. Drozd is quite simply a musical deity. The Flaming Lips trancend musical equivilencies of form and ambitious beauty. And jesus, can that wonderful bastard hit a drum! I can feel every single vibration.
Thank you Steven Drozd, you are compounded inspiration. Joy covered in glossy print, rustic slices of diamond gourmet cheese!

Number Forty-One - Clair - England - Born April 13th, 83
The first time i saw the lips was at a a festival..bloody brilliant! I love clinic bob log 3 the knison,communique..etc...piercings and tattoos and a bloke called STEVEN DRIOZD!!!!!!!!!!

Number Forty-Two - Clair - England - Born April 13th, 83
The first time i saw the lips was at a a festival..bloody brilliant! I love clinic bob log 3 the knison,communique..etc...piercings and tattoos and a bloke called STEVEN DRIOZD!!!!!!!!!!

Number Forty-Three - Grant Provence - Brooklyn, NY - Born September 27th, 79 - Website
Steven Drozd is the best drummer in music right now. I'm proud to say that I'm a fellow Oklahoman. Listen to Slow Nerve Action from Transmissions and you'll understand.

Number Forty-Four - Yuri - Indianapolis - Born February 27th, 68
I love the Flaming Lips. I've loved them since a friend gave me a cassette of Priest Driven Ambulance. Clouds Taste Metallic is my favorite Lips album. I honestly have always admired Wayne more than other Lips, but I just watched The Fearless Freaks for the first time last weekend, and I now appreaciate the genius of Steven Drozd. The smile on his face when he and his brother and father are all jamming was priceless. I have seen the Lips live a couple times, but the best was the last time at a small local club, on the Yoshimi tour. We ALL sang Pink Floyd's "Breathe" at the top of our lungs. I've seen a hundred concerts if I've seen one, and this was by far the best time I've ever had. I love the Flaming Lips.

Number Forty-Five - Dan-O - NY - Born April 4th, 84
I appreciate all that is Steven Drozd. I also appreciate Vernon Drozd. The Soft Bulletin did change my life. Godspeed.

Number Forty-Six - Marc Rothe - Bel Air, MD - Born July 4th, 86 - Website
I love music, making music, and everything flaming lips!!!

Number Forty-Seven - Darren Wilson - Bloomingdale, IL - Born April 10th, 86 - Website
Hi all, my name is Darren and I am in love with Steven Drozd. I pretty much want to become him. Anyways, I play in a band called The Hush Sound, we just signed to Fueled By Ramen Records, so I'm excited for that. I love music, playing music, playing drums, guitar, piano poorly, singing, and final fantasy. I'm a mega nerd. I also love Iron Chef and buckethead. That's about a rap on me, thanks for reading!! oh and as far as my favorite lips album, it's a three way tie on clouds taste metalic, soft bulletin, and yoshimi. and sadly i've never seen the lips live. :( someday though... someday...

Number Forty-Eight - Carlos Trejo - Lombard, IL - Born October 15th, 86
i got into the lips this summer, and almost have their entire catalog. zarieeka is a mind fuck. can wait for new material to surface.

Number Forty-Nine - Alyssa Timon - Austin, TX - Born March 6th, 83

Number Fifty - BHill - Middle of Nowhere (Ohio) - Born March 13th, 70
Simply put, I love the Flaming Lips. Not enough words to describe it. About me? I'm a snob when it comes to music and I'm a whore when it comes to TV. (I'll watch just about anything) I've see the Lips 5 times (I think) and they never cease to amaze me. I read what everyone wrote here and I think member number thirty two if completely full of crap! (He's also one of my best friends. Seriously, he IS full of crap but he's awesome) I had to mention him because the 2 or 3 times I met the Lips were because of him. Thanks Jay! (And many thanks to Nell because this site is great!) I want to close with this thought (from the Lips, of course) You have to sleep late when you can, and all your bad days will end. Words to live by.

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