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Sep 22, 06 - I'm seeing the Lips in New York City this weekend, and will bring back new content for this site (perhaps a long, exclusive interview with Steven??). Join the mailing list to be notified when the new stuff is up. By the way, today is Steven's son Daniel's 1st birthday!

June 11, 06 - Hey everybody, it's STEVEN'S BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Steven! This site has been redesigned, reorganized and expanded, so turn on "At War With the Mystics", take a look around and bask in the Drozdian glow. (The former version of the site is archived here, for old times' sake).

"At War With the Mystics", the new Flaming Lips album, is out now! Be sure to pick up a copy, it's fantastic.

"Steven is the greatest working musician there is."
- Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips

"Drozd? Genius, in my opinion. You are doing God's work [with this club]."
- Rick Gershon, WBR publicist for the Flaming Lips

Welcome to the Steven Drozd Appreciation Club, an organization dedicated to the recognition of an incomparable musical genius, Steven Drozd of the illustrious Flaming Lips. Steven is a composer, arranger, drummer, guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist, and the mind behind much of the Lips' sound.

"Steven [is] a one-man-army. I don't remember ever seeing one man make so much noise."
- Club Member #97, Christian Thomsen, Denmark

This club is well known by the band and friends, many of whom proudly sport club apparel purchased from our store. The club has been mentioned (as the Steven Drozd Appreciation Society - maybe I should've named it that...) in "Fearless Freaks", the excellent documentary by Bradley Beesley, and the book "Staring At Sound" by Jim Derogatis.

Enjoy the site and feel free to join the club! And remember: Steven Drozd. Steven Drozd. Steven Drozd. Repeat this name several times. Let it your be your mantra. Because Steven Drozd... well, Steven Drozd is your future.

-Nell James
Club President
Semi-Professional Steven Drozd Appreciator
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Last updated on September 22nd, 2006