a rock kissy steven! and a roll

Steven Drozd. Steven Drozd. Steven Drozd. Repeat this name several times. Let it your be your mantra. Because Steven Drozd... well, Steven Drozd is your future.

For those of you who are unaware, Steven Drozd is a multi-instrumentalist musical genius super-rad boy wonder. He is known as one of the three Flaming Lips, a neo-psychadelic pop band from Oklahoma. Along with Wayne Coyne and Michael Ivins, he co-writes and arranges the music, plays piano, drums, guitar and provides back up vocals. This band's music is my personal bible. If you are here you probably already know about them. If not, please visit their website, which is so informative and well laid out it's almost suspicious. Steven has worked with some other bands, most recently and prominently with Steve Burns on his debut album "Songs For Dustmites". Yes, Steve Burns, the awesome Blue's Clues host who is not dead or in rehab, but Steve Burns who is making awesome music. Steve Burns who I made a fanlisting for.

Ze Flaming Lips
I created this website because my soul said that Steven Drozd needed to be appreciated through fan club form, and I answered, gleefully. I'm probably not as obsessed with him as this site makes you think I am. I am somewhat obsessed with him but definitely not far beyond the point of normal admiration of him as an artist. And I'm a chick, so then there's that. This isn't really a site for information or media or anything cause it's not like I could put up anything the official Lips site doesn't already have. This is an unofficial fan club in which the Flaming Lips have not had any involvement in (though the band and their friends enjoy it). My name is Nell (visit my site visit my site visit my site), I'm a 17 year old girl based in San Francisco and Long Island with a love for intelligent pop music, and I'm entirely responsible for this travesty. It was created August 3rd, 2003. Since then I have added a store of unofficial Steven Drozd merchandise (many items of which have been purchased by the Lips' friends and family). I also have a Flaming Lips website which is small but adorable.

I hope you enjoy the website, please consider joining the club! We now have over 70 members!

Rock out,
-Nell (nell@nellmedia.com)
Club President
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